1. Considering past investment bank bailouts.
  2. A letter to one considering leaving the church.
  3. Lent and the economic crises.
  4. Considering Mr Geithner.
  5. Girls on bikes.
  6. Manliness.
  7. Hmmm.
  8. Issues with the stimulus.
  9. Box office woes shouldn’t stop Mr Gore from raking in millions via the stimulus package.
  10. Considerations on the Brazilian abortion case.
  11. St. Gregory Palamas and seeing the uncreated light.
  12. The recovery could take 4-5 years?
  13. Soooo …. who long for the other shoe to drop on this one?
  14. Well, you how else can they afford under-the-table kickbacks?
  15. Considering the BSG finale.
  16. Noting St. Benedict (although I though it was St. John Cassian who brought monasticism to the West).
  17. “I suppose it would be better …” (and I concur it would be better).
  18. Of not letting go.
  19. In which “go drink carbonated cow’s piss” is not fiction?
  20. Exonerating (partially) Mao? With Holodomor denial to boot no less. Which faces this problem too.
  21. On using your hands and the whole higher vs lower professions thing.

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