Good morning.

  1. You didn’t build that goes viral … and I suppose the rejoinder is “yah, so therefore I won’t vote for ‘im”
  2. Experts vs algorithm and yet another book to read.
  3. Thoughts on voting.
  4. The future television.
  5. Noted 100th  anniversary of birth, here and here.
  6. Consistency is king, from the guy who advocates bigger government and spending in good times and in bad.
  7. Examining the “liberals are more intelligent meme”, I especially enjoyed the opening quotes in which the definition of “liberal” fits conservatives better than not.
  8. Ethnic ruffles, as an mostly irrelevant aside, I really like singing Serbian liturgical music when we do so.
  9. Trumping shooting buddies in the face and skinning moose.
  10. So the reformation has rejected monasticism, is this why?

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