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  1. Our (non-) reality based state department.
  2. Yes, even granting the premise, the conclusion is not warranted. “Reduce civilian casualties” is not the goal of combat, or at least in the short term. Most of the operations that drones are used are COIN operations … there may be a place for drones in a good COIN campaign … but it’s not as obvious as you would suspect I deem. What reduces casualties the most is the end of conflict … which may or not be helped by drones vs not-drones.
  3. On getting started
  4. On the other hand, some kids (one of mine for example) really do suffer from real mental illnesses, i.e., depression. When you have a fifth grade kid who won’t get out of bed or do anything because of malaise and no inducement of any sort will even pique here interest … something is wrong and it’s not merely spanking.
  5. The Olympics and other metrics for medal counting. Go Grenada!
  6. Pythagorean records? Huh? Never heard of it.
  7. Mr Rajan moving into the hot seat.
  8. An abortion doctor slips.
  9. Ms Althouse wonders how much you bench press, or something like that.
  10. Hand drawn!
  11. So, a Christian terrorist … but wouldn’t that need to involve Christianity in some actual manner for the adjective to apply?
  12. Remembrance of the Great War.
  13. So, “we have to do some soul searching” … what do you got for that? Does that make any sense to you?
  14. Nope. No voter fraud ever. At all. Nada. Got nothing.
  15. Bike tech on Mars.
  16. GM, our administration’s make-it-up-as-you-go-along bankruptcy plan and unintended consequences.

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