Good morning.

  1. Fighting nature.
  2. milestone.
  3. Thick fueled.
  4. Low altitude ultrasound in high pressure water.
  5. Closet Marxism in the GOP ranks.
  6. Drones and carriers. So, are you looking forward to armed drones monitoring your activities?
  7. Another note on drones.
  8. Wax muscles.
  9. Talking budgets.
  10. Well, it’s going to be on my Christmas list.
  11. A quaint quote, except for the it being all wrong part. If you think Christianity (for example) is there to make you comfortable and sleep easy … you’re getting it backwards.
  12. Where charity starts.
  13. book noted.
  14. Sorry, I prefer old and unaccountably cheerful.
  15. An honest player.
  16. Missed in the whole stimulus circus.

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