Good morning.

  1. On the NY bombing attempt, everything is just peachy … or not?
  2. A look at the terrorists family life.
  3. Now, I don’t know who Mr Miliband is, but I think the statement “part Polish, part Belgian, and part Jewish” doesn’t need modification. A person can reflect and represent his national origins and his ethnic background in “parts” without any difficulty.
  4. Supply side.
  5. Ethnic issues in the Russian Federation … and this is not unrelated.
  6. Turks and Orthodoxy.
  7. A book of interest.
  8. The balloon is still inflated?
  9. The state of economics.
  10. Perhaps Mr Obama’s “Katrina Moment” is not in the place you’re looking.
  11. Ride a bike. Race a bike. Did you know in 1920 in the US professional bike racing was a much bigger sport than baseball?
  12. Why write (or blog).
  13. Music for the morning.
  14. Reflections on AZ.

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