1. Insert your own reference to Bill Clinton’s example here.
  2. The pope and his quote on AIDS in Africa described here.
  3. More on Benedict here as well.
  4. How indeed can you love the other without listening.
  5. OK, that ‘splains it … or not.
  6. The shoes.
  7. Is that how American’s learn about other cultures?
  8. As long as super-model doesn’t actually mean super-model.
  9. Not impressed by a modernist heritage.
  10. Liberals now accuse Mr Geithner of being a GOP stooge.
  11. Ezekiel.
  12. When in Rome (take pictures).
  13. A letter on chastity.
  14. Penal substitution under attack … rightly so from my point of view.
  15. A film recommended.
  16. Don’t get thrown under that bus.
  17. A Diebold kerfuffle germinating.
  18. Another argument against abortion.
  19. Obama’s four riders of his economic apocalypse.
  20. the “Buck stops here” not seen here.
  21. So … “gets better mileage than the one it replaces” … when will any automaker make a car that I can buy that improves on the mileage my 2001 Insight? I’d likely buy it.

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