1. The feminization of Christianity (and Jewish Orthodoxy) … I think that the example of the role of women in the Church in Russia during communist rule is an important point. The women save the church there in times of stress and the prosperity our culture enjoys currently riding the petroleum bubble is perhaps as stressful as persecution, just not in so obvious a manner.
  2. Bioethics and modern (protestant) denominations as stress as well.
  3. Credit crunch? Maybe not.
  4. But in our minds … perceptions differ.
  5. A perception of the Geithner/Obama relationship.
  6. Dissent in mythical economic consensus.
  7. That’s not where I’d place math in its role in our modern society … and it doesn’t have to “inspire any kid” just the ones with real talent.
  8. Church and state … in the UK.
  9. A prayer request.
  10. Zap.
  11. Boom.
  12. POV.
  13. School.
  14. Verse.
  15. Bang.
  16. Two arches.
  17. May God grant them many years.
  18. Origen.
  19. NPR, fairly unbalanced.
  20. Examining economists.
  21. Well, Congress gives many major league sports, baseball in particular special status regarding anti-trust. Why shouldn’t they limit their profits? It always strikes me as odd the “free market” American sports are heavily protected and structured while socialist Europe has a free wheeling market driven sports environment, e.g., compare baseball to European cycling.
  22. Considering Orthodoxy.
  23. Uninformed (or unlettered) liberals?

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