1. Not a charter 77, but “they” do want this recognized … so much for “they want our silence”.
  2. Here and there, back then.
  3. Theology of the Iranian kerfuffle.
  4. Rock your tunes … on the bike.
  5. Math factory?
  6. The left’s blind spot.
  7. Heh.
  8. An old bug.
  9. Media bias? Say it ain’t so.
  10. Krugman’s advice.
  11. Ok, right. Re-read this realizing that “private insurance” is what you pay for not some magical “other” agency.
  12. Justice, China style.
  13. Christian fantasy noted.
  14. Mining the globe for talent.
  15. Pro-choice roots.
  16. Verse.
  17. To keep in mind when Mr Obama talks religion.
  18. What Mr Obama means when he says he wants healthy debate, i.e., he’s lying. Others take up that tack too.

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