Good morning.

  1. A famous trial and a film.
  2. A walk in the moldy green listening to the screaming of the trees. Err, well, not quite.
  3. Improper Soviets? I thought the term soviet basically meant something akin to “town meeting”, which would make New Hampshire a more proper soviet, eh?
  4. Sherlock Holmes, a museum, and med students.
  5. recipe.
  6. More on the Zimmerman kerfuffle. One might see the wisdom of trying to hide the family wealth from the grasping arm of the law, but your cunning plan needs to be cunning.
  7. Getting the hind end foremost.
  8. Legal advice from the ethically challenged, i.e., you can have religious freedom (defined narrowly here as a tax exemption) if your religion agrees with mine on social issues. Gotcha. Actual freedom of religion treats all religions equally, even those which disagree with me.
  9. Apparently “being a female” is a disease.
  10. So, what are friends for?
  11. “Lying to Congress” a crime. This is one of the more striking ironies in our time, that lying “to” Congress is a crime while lying while “in” Congress is done every day.
  12. Autobiography as fiction. What then is the point?

‘Nuff said fer now.

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