1. New non-lethal military tech.
  2. Nazi accusations in the news. Pelosi and Rush.
  3. On disgruntlement in town hall meetings from TMV.
  4. Krugman and pesky facts.
  5. Neo-nomenklatura.
  6. For the transfiguration, words from St. Ephrem. A church too. One more.
  7. A book on ID noted.
  8. Mr Harris (on Collins) gets a good going over.
  9. Bully for her.
  10. Ghastly science fiction.
  11. The administration changes some words, here are two suggestions it’s a bad idea, here and here.
  12. Noting Mr Hughes passing.
  13. Putin viewed from St. Petersburg.
  14. Obama and Mr Stewart.
  15. Well that didn’t work out like planned.
  16. Cash for clunkers, one more way in which Mr Huxley proved prescient.
  17. In which I link a Bill Maher quote.
  18. Finally, go girl go.

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