1. Open source and teaching math, I haven’t looked into it yet, but it sounds like a great idea. Not unrelated, a talk on the Internet and maths by Terry Tao.
  2. The missile deal, a summary … prior to the Gates interview. A conspiracy suggested. A letter from Poland here.
  3. Home grown jalapeƱo peppers.
  4. A fast lady in red (and yellow).
  5. Costs and cap/trade.
  6. An atheist asks an interesting question.
  7. Memory eternal … a post that aches to be read (HT: the Ochlophobist).
  8. I’ve seen this noted before, and usually in the context as a “mood killer”. Hmm, any experimental evidence?
  9. H1N1 and Oman.
  10. If you haven’t been missing the Anabasis reading at the Chicago Boyz, you’re missing out on some fine historical analysis and discussion of one of the great works.
  11. Sound-tracks for electric cars.
  12. Immorality, the Bible and Science-fiction.
  13. Plantinga online, I guess I bought the right book.
  14. Advice for blogging as a Christian, which I’d say I’m not very good at doing.
  15. The US and Syria.
  16. Mr Beck and the right, one view. For myself, I’ve never seen or heard him, so I’m a bystander to all the hoopla.
  17. Trying to grok the President’s rational model.

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