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  1. Talking about logical fallacies (arguing from analogy). I don’t think the free-will/moral responsibility argument I make suffers from this (to whit: premise 1 – moral responsibility is a social construct. premise 2 – there are social constructs which things without free will can evidence. conclusion – therefore it is tenable that moral responsibility is independent of free will)
  2. Social media and the Wisconsin shooter.
  3. Short answer … culture.
  4. One of the two distortions of big money and medicine. The other being the big money sink that constitutes liability protection and suit.
  5. Curiously, Chaucer goes to Mars.
  6. Why does your baby cry?
  7. Faith and distortions of what constitutes faith.
  8. Apparently, trawling Mr Reid’s writings for amazingly stupid statements isn’t hard.
  9. “Very popular” … which really means ignored and off the everyone’s radar.
  10. Heh.
  11. On yesterday’s feast.
  12. And another milestone for yesterday’s date.
  13. Sportsmanship and the Olympics, a high note.
  14. School under tyranny.
  15. Forgetting concealed carry is so that girls can carry.

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