Sorry, I’d forgotten a early appointment meeting a tech at a customer site (sans net) yesterday.

  1. Working on politics a noble profession. Hmm.
  2. looming disaster?
  3. Living in the now.
  4. Yet another example of Presidential duplicity.
  5. In which money is important (in an election). To you know, annoy people so they vote for the other guy (or not at all).
  6. Where that stimulus money went.
  7. For believers in unicorns and faeries.
  8. Fish kill and big guns.
  9. Speaking of big guns, last week I linked an essay by Richard Fernandez in which he mentioned a book “Shattered Sword” (on the battle of Midway). I read it and recommend it highly.
  10. I think that’s wrong … I no longer think that moral responsibility is not linked to free/not-free will. Moral responsibility is a social construct and social constructions are not dependent on freedom. Intelligence suffices for social construction.
  11. In which religion drops off the page.
  12. Of argument and temperment.
  13. By the logic of ever more nationalized healthcare all exercise with risk of injury should be banned.
  14. Is this is pro-choice/pro-life issue, a vegan/non-vegan one, or just taste?
  15. Mr Obama’s gaffe.
  16. Cards on table.
  17. See! not for porn. Much more practical it was drugs!
  18. Who has experience.

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