1. Dem “merely Christian” Christians should “get out of the hall.”
  2. An influential 19th century Russian Saint noted.
  3. Canada and a cover-up.
  4. State humor in Russia … a change noted.
  5. Tick Tock.
  6. Why some like higher taxes.
  7. Mad (?) Hattery.
  8. While I might question the opening statistic … an interesting point is made.
  9. Not unrelated to the above, but from more philosophical stance.
  10. Fundamentalism and danger.
  11. Some advice for listening to a homily, much of which can be also applied to being attentive to rest of the liturgy as well.
  12. A comparison made.
  13. A birthday noted.
  14. Eros crucified.
  15. A thought experiment (#1?) on race.

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