Good morning.

  1. Considering repentance and envy.
  2. I thought it was DNA.
  3. The dog that didn’t bark, or the missing outrage (and a suggested answer).
  4. The heathcare discussion continues.
  5. Some historical inaccuracies aimed against the Christian (East?) in an upcoming movie.
  6. Nuclear power and Mr Obama’s dishonest tactics.
  7. A Lenten prayer.
  8. A cricket race.
  9. A kindle question.
  10. Health benefits and fasting.
  11. Ebay and the bear.
  12. My notion of this map would be more Lovecraftian.
  13. Whence the outrage?
  14. Three bikes: one, two, three.
  15. Air superiority … a thing our admin is in the process of giving up.
  16. The economy.
  17. Comparing Bush and Obama on international law.
  18. Racial quotas in academia.

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