Good morning.

  1. Huh!?
  2. Two tracks.
  3. One man’s interpretation as genius. I think that’s perhaps a stretch.
  4. Hurt rider.
  5. That hockey stick.
  6. Libertarianism considered.
  7. ID spoofing a crime? Is that warranted or necessary? 
  8. When to work out.
  9. OK, I’m on board with NSF increases … so what’s getting cut?
  10. Tea party as enemy.
  11. A bet, and the staked items are clever.
  12. Somebody noticed the CBO “scoring” is less than useful.
  13. Technology, economics and fantasy fiction
  14. While we do not “owe anything to the founding fathers” in a literal sense, political philosopher Bertrand de Jouvenel would argue that their authority is the basis of our state.
  15. Tax game. An answer to make me shudder would be the salaries, pensions, and benefits of those ‘elected’ morons residing in the beltway and their staff. To make me smile try the Tevatron and … hmm … well, I’m still thinking about it.

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