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  1. Mr Obama’s new people, here is one and … it looks like I can’t find the link for the second which was about Ms Warren. I haven’t seen liberal/progressive blogs criticizing that appointment. Have you? Because if you don’t that’s a sign of partisanship trumps consistency.
  2. Targeted killing.
  3. For the Mr Krugman fans (or anti-fans), a first round knockout
  4. On marriage
  5. Also on marriage.
  6. Institute ala squirrel.
  7. Uhm, perhaps he’s talking about dance because school killed the notion of creativity linked with math so completely it doesn’t even enter the picture.
  8. Why are the Democrats so against Mr Soros and the like?
  9. Silly things said by Delaware pols.
  10. On the pundit simplification.
  11. Charity.
  12. Newsworthy or not?
  13. Well, the left has lost all standing with respect to their claim the “we’re behind small business.”
  14. Dropping the “weather is not climate” position on AGW.
  15. For the Palin fans which continues here.
  16. So … will the lunatic fringe come back in fashion?
  17. I have to disagree a bit, the Eastern Roman empire used a mix of force and appeasement with some success for centuries before the Crusaders sacked Constantinople. But there has to be a strategy.

Update: link for 17 fixed.

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