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  1. Two from the movie musical Wizard of Oz, “Courage”: here and (not) here.
  2. Missing the point, what he said might be true, but what is the point and what is the effect of saying it? How is it useful?
  3. Considering space, and while the space of mathematical concepts is larger not smaller than what we perceive, I think there is still a strong anthropological perceptual bias to mathematical concepts and intuitions. Consider for a while what maths might be developed by a intelligent race whose environment and perception made the notion of the integer as foreign or abstracted as infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces.
  4. Mr Obama on foreign affairs, here and (the cartoon is good) here.
  5. How it will be seen vs being responsible.
  6. Green party, low bar or high bar?
  7. Stepping in others shoes.
  8. Examining the “crazy” meme regarding Ms O’Donnell.
  9. Economics of Obamacare.
  10. A first ad.
  11. Hmm. Or better perhaps, duh! 

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