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  1. Libya and the UN.
  2. Symptomatic of our modern world?
  3. A slippery slope path suggested.
  4. A anthropology, in a literal sense (a logos of anthropos).
  5. From pro-choice to pro-life, a journey recounted.
  6. The plan all along? The backed-into-a-corner aspects of Obamacare. 
  7. Where is the outrage?
  8. The god gene.
  9. When 1-hour charge is a pretense of workable. It seems to me a industry standard swappable battery is the way to go, that way you can get a re-fueling in minutes not hours.
  10. Blogger=extremist.
  11. Parkour.
  12. Fantasy on Wall Street?
  13. Hostile Op-Ed
  14. 6-months to a year from now, when I note something like this, it will be assumed by my liberal interlocoturs that it never happened because I fail to google and re-locate it. 
  15. A downside to no-fly.
  16. Losing a foster child because of homosexuality.

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