Good morning.

  1. Healthcare and the elderly, two (elderly?) gentlmen discuss … here and here.
  2. All those wealthy backers.
  3. On ascetic toil.
  4. So, this brings up a question, how do you remember Ms Hill and that kerfuffle? True victim or politically motivated character assasination? 
  5. Coming to understand Obama. Unless he is saying something politically damaging to himself, there is no reason attribute his statements as being anything other than noise.
  6. For graduation.
  7. China.
  8. I laughed out loud. How about you?
  9. For Memorial Day, some thoughts on sacrifice.
  10. Our friendly neighborhood racist, sees everyone else as racist it seems.
  11. Why is that man being paid for public pronouncement? Perhaps it’s a for a public display of liberal bigotry in full feather.
  12. One for women’s rights, just not in Illinois.
  13. Another girl going, uhm, very fast!
  14. The DSK kerfuffle.

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