My list overfloweth, we’ll see how I do at selection.

  1. Libya and Congress … and separation of powers. Another on that topic here.
  2. Economic performance, employment, and limiting hours.
  3. Prince, some time back.
  4. Faux outrage from the left. I found the outrage at corporate tax dodging (queue GM/Chrysler images) amusing. Democrats ostensibly are for graduated taxes, while any corporate tax paid by the consumer irrespective of their earnings. I hadn’t realized the Democrats were so strongly for consumption taxes on non-luxury items.
  5. In awe of the aria.
  6. Mr Obama’s first years, In a nutshell.
  7. Egypt’s V-police matter is not going away.
  8. Racist? In my house they are called “papa noodles”, ’cause I have a lot of grad-school experience in cooking them in different ways.
  9. Remember the San Francisco anti-circumscision legal movement being accused of anti-semitism, here’s their ad. So, anti-semitic or not?
  10. Met. Hilarion on relgious intolerance.
  11. Christian response to no-longer-Christians.
  12. Pox on all their houses.
  13. AGW and bad science hand in hand, I guess.
  14. It’s cute when Democrats slip in little racism jabs at the GOP … all while ignoring the fact that for 2 years they held the Presidency had a bi-Cameral majority.

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