Good morning.

  1. Inability to express something in words, alas, doesn’t mean it’s incoherent. You can’t, for example, use words to describe how you even ride a bike.
  2. Talking about the Coptic situation.
  3. Mr Wilders.
  4. Stupid economics tricks … a prime example to counter the notion that skepticism and IQ don’t go hand in hand.
  5. Stealth drone. More fun tech toys here.
  6. And it won’t be sold in the US.
  7. 2/14 geek giftery.
  8. On Mr Christie and the trains and that tunnel thing.
  9. Some suggestions on how to find happiness.
  10. Religious freedom and blasphemy laws.
  11. One “shocking” ad banned from the Superbowl in most markets.
  12. Heh.
  13. A long piece on suggesting anti-semitism and (some) new atheists.
  14. A “cool” contest noted.
  15. Hmm. My first impulse is not to side with the injured party
  16. Maths and the world.

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