Good morning.

  1. Early maths.
  2. Consistency.
  3. Terrify the Kremlin?
  4. I’d never even heard of Nowruz. So know you know.
  5. Just remember “real utopias” typically have a archipelago of gulags for the millions of kulaks who don’t see your utopia as utopian.
  6. Two words, fullness and mystery.
  7. Again, I think this is a symptom of an underlying disagreement, on which my homework is to write more tonight. I’d started a post on that topic and changed my mind halfway through. I need to work toward a conclusion again.
  8. This is not unrelated.
  9. Zooom.
  10. Striking down some regulations. Wooo.
  11. Babbage in action.
  12. More grist for the drone conversation and the difference between killing as a soldier and murder.
  13. So, privileges for gays … means you need tests to verify the category.
  14. Mr Krugman, sloppy reader, noted in response here.
  15. Yikes.

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