Good morning.

  1. So, the PDO, important for you or not?
  2. Talking taxes.
  3. Well, there you go!
  4. Noting the liberal movement to co-opt language via re-definition. Sometimes I also have wondered how people who suffer from actual phobias think about calling policy disagreements phobias. 
  5. That’s right, I still don’t think cops are dangerous to people (in any special way). People are dangerous to people. 
  6. Mr Jagger.
  7. On Mr Strass-Kahn.
  8. So … still want to rush post haste out of Iraq and Afghanistan?
  9. On that topic … 
  10. Takeover bid quantities.
  11. Heh.
  12. A Tea Party sign. If you have a problem with that sentiment you haven’t been watching anything in the beltway for two decades or more.
  13. My car has been banned 🙁

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