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  1. Gosh, liberal aghast Romney using the Obama camp SOP. Watch and wait, pretty soon Romney will have a catchy meaningless slogan like Hope/Change.
  2. Why is the government solution to everything “hand out bags of money” and wait for the bubble to bust and make everything worse?
  3. When you get banned from a comment “for profanity” it works better if the banned content contains actual profanity.
  4. The Buddhist banned from communion still in the news. Truth is stranger than fiction.
  5. An attempt to help the poor.
  6. Unintended consequences.
  7. Naivete as argument, there (apparently) is not “a variety of facts.” “Fact” has only one “kind” … the fact that you love your wife, that the revolutionary war was about taxation, that you are conservative (or liberal), and that the mass of the electron is .5 Mev are exactly the same sort of facts. Riiiight.
  8. Here’s the memo. Not getting the memo … for example here. What part of “dead relatives” do people not get? Or is she angry that she’s related to Mormons?
  9. Mr Gore now encourages electoral fraud.
  10. So, do you wish you were there?
  11. Grist for the insurance and coverage debate (follow the two linked links).

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