Good morning.

  1. Green for Spring (and/or Pentecost).
  2. Or what is a flash mob.
  3. We will likely all remain confused about the creationist atheists. Or perhaps go back to calling all polls cricket races, and lots of noise signifying nothing.
  4. Of Conservatism and Orthodoxy.
  5. The sky is falling, oh wait, never mind.
  6. Interesting. I don’t however get the “two databases” reference at the end.
  7. American, debt worse than you imagined. (Keep in mind, the only successful strategy to attack a deficit in recent history is to cut spending)
  8. Jewish = White … or highlighting just some the problems that confront racial reward/racial categorization requirements held sacred by the progressive left.
  9. Banned. Right or wrong?
  10. You can keep your insurance … remember that promise made by the Obamacare supporters. Alas, it continues to be untrue. I guess it wouldn’t be a lie if they didn’t realize things like this would happen. But if they didn’t realize it, they also cannot lay claim be “smart” as they so often prefer. So, stupid or dishonest? Pick.
  11. I begin to suspect that photoshop was involved.

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