It seems that, in their zeal to keep America safe, TSA will leave no one untouched. In yet another absurd, yet politically correct, incident we find a 15 year-old girl randomly selected for full-body scanning, as well as a subsequent full-body assault pat-down. This time, however, the girl has written about her experience.

When the dirty deed was done, the agent indicated we could leave. No explanation, no apology.

I was no longer even remotely happy. I felt dirty — like a criminal. Except criminals are told what they’ve done wrong and they’re read their rights.

We ran to the departure gate, but my plane had left for Florida without me. We had to wait at Midway another six hours for the next flight.

During our wait, my mother and I sat quietly — each of us fearing for the future of a country where you can be singled out and humiliated for no reason whatsoever.

Indeed, a free society should understand that such freedom also brings with it the chance of injury by those abusing the freedom society, as a whole, enjoys. Safety, in theory and in practice, is not a result of randomness. In other words, the mindset of being prepared is grounded on the notion that one cannot predict when and where such preparedness will have to be exercised. For example, when driving I do not latch my seat belt on random occasions or when I think I may need it. Or when I pump gas or visit the ATM I do not assess the surroundings and people around me on a random basis. And while an assault can come from anyone there are certainly indicators that should send up warning flags.

As if this incident isn’t bad enough we now find that, after a video of a woman’s hysterical (albeit staged) reaction during a TSA pat-down, the TSA was reviewing its policy of the public photographing and videoing in their checkpoint areas. This has caused some to worry that the government will attempt to ban photography at security screening areas.

Do you think your safety, or that of your family, is worth submitting to increased government restrictions?

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