Vacation starts tonight. Off on a road trip … which is a thing we’ve never done as a family. My eldest daughter planned it (and hopes to drive to collect hours for the permit).

  1. He’s against corporate jets because, you know, the only private jets will be in the government, i.e. his. 
  2. Except there was a well functioning quasi-anarchic ideal-libertarian society … read about the Western folkway in Albion’s Seed. The only problem with that society vis-a-vis libertarianism, is that it typically horrifies modern libertarians.
  3. One Mr Savage touting the benefits of virtue ethics via a good bad example.
  4. Having left the AGW fold.
  5. A non-birther looks again … and remind me, why have the liberals not learned the Rathergate lesson? Digital forgery isn’t the best option … it will be found.
  6. Temperment as divider.
  7. From the “Moderate Voice” (in quotes because while putatively moderate and having the goal of collecting diverse viewpoints … oddly enough he has no conservatives writing for him … but I digress) … this is the theme of the day. GOP intransigence in the face of Democrat compromise. Except the Emporer has no clothes. There is no actual Democrat compromise on the table. It’s a myth.
  8. Notice how they’re careful to point to Sulphur as the pollutant not CO2 (which would also be present in abundance of course).
  9. Likely an unintended consequence?
  10. CAFE.
  11. Toward a pro-killer society?
  12. So, would we be better with an intelligent President like this one (was)?
  13. Macedonian reactions to police violence in context.
  14. Omnipresence demythied.
  15. Lying to Congress a jailable offence? Shouldn’t the President and most of Congress be with him in jail? 
  16. Riffing on Krugman errors.
  17. And some political advice for our times.

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