Good morning. Well our road trip continues, now we are in the UP.

  1. Much ado about nothing.
  2. How to deflect and evade, liberal style. Marriage and out-of-wedlock childbirth is at a historical high and it seems quite plausible that it is higher than prior to 1860. But apparently even suggesting that might be the case is out of bounds. Why? If it is true, acknowleding the same isn’t racism … evading the question, however, is.
  3. Lo and behold, another highly popular liberal rhetorical technique, the kindergarden insult (and that’s just the title). What I don’t get is the longer lifetimes touted for CFLs in places in which they are turned off an on a lot (like a bathroom in a house with teenagers) … it seems to me they don’t outlast incandescents by much if at all. 
  4. Ironic use of the term “might be photoshop” … but yes, I’d likely want one.
  5. In which “not vice versa” might be better coined in terms of sets and subsets.
  6. Sneaky Pete, meet sneaky Ivan.
  7. Theological speculation should not lead to violence.
  8. Goes without saying.
  9. Just like conceal carry bans, … another practice supported without reason.
  10. Ms Bachman, and I wonder … if find myself being drawn to a more and more sympathetic stance regarding Ms Bachman the more I see silly and spurious charges and claims made against her. However, I suspect the turned table situation (my linking many charges against the regrettable Democrat in the White House), has not in fact been influential in leading, for example, my two frequent liberal commenters (at my own blog) to support him. As my suspicion is that they would in the absence of such claims still (alas) support him. But I wonder about the less committed readers. 

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