Good morning.

  1. The effect of the liberal publishing/media majority on conservative/liberal dialog.
  2. It seems to me if you reject 1.1 the whole house of cards falls down. For humans happiness it might be argued requires pain … why is that not true in general?
  3. For the eager conspiracy theorist.
  4. HIV/AIDS and Russia.
  5. An election related confession. And I confess that on Wednesday morning it was after 8:30 when I overheard someone talking about the election and it occurred to me … “Gee, I wonder how it turned out?” Seriously.
  6. A bike on fire.
  7. BSG science.
  8. Fox and MSNBC compared regarding election coverage. CNN gets a mention.
  9. Scientism and morals.
  10. And to cheer everyone up, if needed.

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