Good morning.

  1. A response to a liberal badly missing the point.
  2. Someone who lives in a land without winter.
  3. East and West and Halloween (or All Souls Day).
  4. Fatwas and the Stewart/Colbert rally.
  5. In case you haven’t seen this and need a laugh.
  6. Poking GM.
  7. I’m unclear on why the adjective “GOP” is needed. It’s a certainty that both parties ‘establishments’ have a close relationship with sleaze.
  8. The plural of octopus.
  9. Damage?
  10. An interesting statistic.
  11. Theodicy humor.
  12. An post-election interpretation. I’d be willing to be that the percentage of Democrats who take that lesson will be less than 1 in 20.
  13. Another post election prediction of sorts.

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