Good morning.

  1. Some post-election demographics.
  2. Apparently the “it’s the economy stupid” memo hasn’t reached the White House post-election.
  3. Of fear and climate.
  4. How not to do diplomacy, Obama in India.
  5. Mr Olberman and a prediction, specifically that the right wing will “howl for his resignation”. Oddly enough the first I’d heard about it was the NRO corner defending Mr Olberman against his firing. Hmmm.
  6. A discussion between an atheist and Christian continues … now talking early church. Both side make claims that are in error often enough that I gave up on the notion of writing a post correcting their errors. I think there is more error than right in them thar woods.
  7. Custody and law.
  8. Predictability and democracy.
  9. Dating advice for the distaff set.
  10. The decaffeination process. Heh.
  11. Golden tongue.

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