Good morning.

  1. Off the beaten track information regarding Mr Wood.
  2. Music and … heaven?
  3. Misquote is a political strategy, alas practiced on both sides.
  4. Our government overreach in action.
  5. Beauty and church adornment.
  6. Advice and academia from a very fast man.
  7. Competition and moving power down not up.
  8. Blank bang and the 3-d printing process.
  9. Intimations of danger.
  10. I disagree. It seems to me that wisdom/fool has a similar relationship as saint/sinner, the more you increase in wisdom the more you feel yourself to be the fool.
  11. Yikes. And … it seems to me America and China would have a different reaction in the ensuing tort courts … and I’m not of the opinion that America is better in that regard.
  12. Not getting “the sisterhood thing”.
  13. Next stop the shooting range?
  14. Marines then and now … which approach was better?
  15. So, four strikes?
  16. And a verse to recommend to close out this list.

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