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  1. Question, how can the GOP be the “party of no” if they’re the only ones with offers on the table. To what are they saying no? This? Which begs the question, why isn’t no the right answer to that?
  2. Comparisons to history already?
  3. The other shoe to drop.
  4. Racism and drug policy. Heh.
  5. The American flag and how to do a really really bad study.
  6. Remember Obamacare.
  7. There’s a phrase for that, “A fool and his money … soon parted.”
  8. Global warming? “The point I want to make is that these difficult and technical questions were studied rationally in the 1960s; but they are no longer studied rationally today.” Yah think!
  9. There’s a word for that. Hypocrisy?
  10. That strikes me as a particularly slanted view of Nationalism. But I suppose one could twist the notion that a nation has rights within its boundaries that exceed the rights of other nations (to exercise rights within those boundaries) to mean a nation has rights “superior” to other nations. It’s wouldn’t be a particularly honest twist however.
  11. Of course it’s a setup … just like Democracy is the worst form of government, …. except for all the others.
  12. So, have you forgotten Egypt?
  13. A bet made. Two weeks?
  14. Green absolutism = stupidity.
  15. Flee.

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