1. An old heresy.
  2. An icon made of … wooden eggs.
  3. Boundaries and life … and a wedding.
  4. Violating the principle of separation of state and church, err, sport.
  5. Regarding that show trial and Mr Holder’s due diligence.
  6. Of Obama and message (a problem in the same).
  7. Fox News derangement syndrome.
  8. I have to say I found an underlying assumption here repugnant, i.e., that every human activity should and can be taxed.
  9. Two pictures.
  10. Violence by Islamic adherents in Germany against … Polish blondes.
  11. Obama on nuclear power … words don’t match deeds. The times notes “has more support among Republicans than Democrats.” Ya think?
  12. Pro-life and pro-choice in San Francisco … as reported by a pro-choice left-leaning photo-journalist.
  13. Two questions.
  14. Polikinghorne on theodicy.
  15. Opposition to Obama … now unpatriotic.
  16. It’s cold in China.

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