Good morning.

  1. Permission?
  2. LRA and Mr Washington. Related thoughts here.
  3. Uhm, what’s the problem? I don’t get it … that saying is very very old.
  4. Romney and Cain.
  5. Akin to a bank run? Oh, joy.
  6. CLASS. I’d like to hear the rational justification for a long term program being “made solvent” by 5 years of payments prior to payouts.
  7. Broken tenure.
  8. 9 books every geek has read … so what’s missing?
  9. Stimulus and the limits of policy.
  10. Mr Obama following Mr Nixon?
  11. Yikes.
  12. shouldn’t think so. I can’t imagine even Democrats would vote for him.
  13. Skewering more ingrained notions? The Red Cardinal rehabilitated?
  14. Clever.

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