Well, I was busy this morning … and have an early flight back to the windy city (from the temporarily windy SouthWest) and won’t have time then. So, here’s what I found out in the wide world today and yesterday.

  1. A little grist for the Habermas/Ratzinger can secular society survive question.
  2. Our happy regulatory state, who needs freedom when you can ban happy meals?
  3. Education as signaling.
  4. GOP speechwriters bread and butter for the summer campaign.
  5. Hypercard? Heck, how about AREX? Now, that was completely cool.
  6. Grunt! I’ll allow here that in college I began lifting and went from a completely skinny prototypical pencil necked geek to a bench press of 225 while at a weight of 155. I’m lifting again, and Wednesday before Thanksgiving managed a one rep max of 195. Woo hoo.
  7. National debt by nation, how about consumer debt? Howzzat figure in?
  8. To solve a problem, using the tools at hand.
  9. Biz taxes.
  10. Somebody hasn’t read much Solzhenitsyn on the subject of suffering. I’d recommend beginning with the First Circle. Or read this, which I read (most of) on the plane ride west.
  11. Those emails don’t come of as from seekers but salesmen.
  12. book recommended.
  13. Lawyers might defend it, but when you have to “go carefully through the rhetoric” to figure out if he really made the promises that the speech(es) seem to imply, the rest of the world calls that lying.
  14. Kind like all them California individualists all dressing and speaking identically.
  15. “Famous historian” … whom I’ll admit of whom I’ve never heard. But then again apparently his field, to judge from wiki, is contemporary American history … a topic on which I have read little if anything.
  16. Getting closer to an actual viable commercial replacement that meets the “gets better mileage” than my current car.
  17. Security and the world, part one and part two.
  18. Obama and the sociopath connection.
  19. Meritocracy and misunderstanding.
  20. One serious can of RAID, wonder what the bug looks like now.
  21. Modern science and the totalitarian state.
  22. Our failings highlighted too.
  23. And some advice for putting Church and life together.

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