1. So, a technique popularized in narratives but proven ineffective … and now encouraged in public schools. So is that “go figure” or “color me (us) unsurprised.” And “brainstorming” isn’t skunkworks. Skunkworks techniques do work.
  2. The march of bad science, how it works edition.
  3. Bang!
  4. question.
  5. Hall of fame or shame?
  6. So the Dems think that inequality is high on that list. Apparently Gallup doesn’t even find it in the top 5 (or 10?).
  7. The rigors of yoga.
  8. It’s not a mild winter everywhere it seems. When the cold masses don’t come south … that isn’t because they aren’t cooling someone off.
  9. Disease and resistance.
  10. NYT plays the straight man to great effect.
  11. Faith, science and a liberal icon.
  12. Should there be an agency for that?

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