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  1. Mr Paterno as confused grandpa … and why be confused about Mr McQuery? Do you think that generations of teaching moral relativism to replace “do the right thing” has no consequences?
  2. Lag times in production consequences and data to prep you for Mr Obama’s campaign upcoming lies regarding oil production in his tenure.
  3. Apple and OWS.
  4. Grist for the education debates.
  5. Some post Sanctity of Life Sunday thoughts offered. More here.
  6. More Democrats misbehaving.
  7. Links for the philosophically minded.
  8. Hashing out Antisemitism.
  9. “Fast and Furious” one of 10 (?!) similar operations.
  10. The Slavery Question and the early church.
  11. When  is a default not a default?
  12. Going green and the oops factor.

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