Good morning.

  1. Self discipline and child rearing … self-discipline is indeed a learn-able trait … an interesting thing to note at the start of Lent.
  2. Occupy Whatever (is) Suggested embarrasses itself again.
  3. AA and Lent.
  4. A road less traveled.
  5. Our state department deportment.
  6. Democrat election tactics of which I’m sure they’re proud … and the lack of self-criticism makes their disparagement of Mr Rove hypocritical.
  7. Uhm, because its not actually illegal to lie to a reporter.
  8. Taking a stand against indirect consumer use taxes.
  9. Only 11 years?!
  10. Praise for grad school in the context of reasons why not.
  11. I think I not only haven’t considered those bullet points but don’t know anyone who has (not to speak of doing them). Hollywood has a strange (unreal) impression of Christian culture.

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