Good morning

  1. Guantanamo stats.
  2. A little more on the Fluke/Rush kerfuffle, here in which it is suggested that Mr Rush should have investigated prior to apologizing … and here where somewhat similarly some confusion over the faux outrage over the term slut is professed. I wonder if Ms Fluke has, for example, participated in the “slut walk” phenomena and if so  … why is this term problematic?
  3. And one more … Ms Althouse wonders about the liberal double standard toward apologies.
  4. Dressing dad.
  5. Same sex marriage and Mr Sullivan.
  6. Lovecraft and epistemology.
  7. Trends in modern education and demographics.
  8. Sierra Leone.
  9. Supply and demand.
  10. Our creepy Washington.
  11. Mr Obama’s putative support for Israel.
  12. Apparently liberal political leaders regularly review and disavow comments made by liberal entertainers. Who knew?

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