Having a good week? We’re doing OK. Well, I’ve missed a few days posting, let’s see what we’ve collected (I haven’t stopped reading, just haven’t had much access to a computer … I can read on a tablet … link posting can be done but is a little (so far) laborious).

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s not how the lib/progs see it. Best I can tell, they figure this healthcare is so important, it’s more important than fussy questions of whether there are any limits to governmental power or the Constitutionality of the bill.  I’m not the only one who thinks that’s their point.
  2. Or maybe the White House punted their defence, because they want it to fall.
  3. Considering dueling.
  4. Discarding pets and ambiguous phrasing. This afternoon our dog passed two dogs in the back of a car that looked a lot like that dog. It was hysterically funny, she (our dog) just pranced along minding her own business, pointedly ignoring the other dogs who were going berserk with barking. When the barking finally died down, Sophie looked up briefly and barked three or four times at which the other two resumed their furious onslaught and she went back to ignoring them … or perhaps you had to be there.
  5. Sin and the church as that hospital, which is made of and made for sinners.
  6. Envy? Seems like prose poetry to me.
  7. Liberals, many of whom profess to be “reality/study” based … but aren’t in the slightest. I’m visiting Missouri for the kids spring break … Missouri has one of the lowest gun crime rates in the nation and the laxest gun laws … another interesting factoid … open carry in bars doesn’t increase gun violence in towns that allow it. But hey, maybe they don’t like concealed carry because they’re trying to keep women in their place.
  8. Speaking of that Trayvon kerfuffle, it seems odd to me that the same guys who insisted we not parse particulars on deciding whether waterboarding was or wasn’t torture, decides that if you’re nose doesn’t have fractured cartilage you weren’t really punched in the schnoze. I’ve also been struck with the parallels between those who decided to continually enlarge the category “black” when that was bad with any smidge of non-white blood made ya’ colored and those who think, for those who think that white is “bad” that any bit of white in you means your Hispanic mother/White father makes ya’ whitey white. Odd that.
  9. Is there a limit to the commerce clause? Seriously? I wonder when/if the left will imagine that there might be some behavior they will not want regulated that this unlimited commerce clause interpretation will come to bite them back.
  10. At 4k mph … what could go wrong?
  11. As car become more automatic … will I be the last knucklehead on the road with preferring and using manual tranny?
  12. Another unhappy #1 for the US.
  13. Where media bias puts us.
  14. I thought you mostly use your nose to taste.
  15. Ooh, another digression, workouts and kids. One of the family memories we have is with me doing interval training on a mtb bike … pulling the kids in the trailer singing (during the hard parts of the intervals) a “faster poppa faster” song (to 3-5 y/old kid melodies) and then me cooking the bike too fast on the limestone trail around a corner and laying it down. The kids that that was really really cool and wanted me to do it again. Me? My knee was bloodied enough that I decided we’d be better off turning for home. Still. A great time, great memory.
  16. Longer than normal waiting period … so, was that reported on the media/left-wing blogs? Ya think?
  17. An add for Corning gorilla glass? Or comedy?
  18. The forces of Mordor and trademark stupidity.

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