Still on evening posting schedule, probably for the next two weeks.

  1. Some back history on high speed rail and its US development (or lack thereof).
  2. Light rock making news.
  3. Puppies can be cute …. and dogs again for your back to school crowd (my kids start tomorrow).
  4. Three notes on Mr Ryan … which for me the most interesting point was the remark about weak (perception or reality) that Congress has gotten. Seems to me the John Adams prediction of executive becoming royalty/tyrant (or the Roman weak-Congress allowing the start of the Empire). For those who worry about “climate change” this climate is one that will kill us first.
  5. And a comparison of Ryan and Obama, and their early life.
  6. The weather service bucks up for … what?
  7. Mr Lincoln.
  8. Ah, but there is the immediate and logical reply, “if you say that … you’re a bigot.” And you’d be right. Bigotry in its essence is condemning a group en masse where you should be judging people as individual. When you make the statement linked, you are condemning a group in exactly that way.
  9. Search or not?

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