Good morning.

  1. Morning … in photo.
  2. A response to a liberal charge of bigotry.
  3. Problems with the standard story on Hiroshima.
  4. Uhm, they need to add the “new” adjective to that post. For example, I bought a used Insight and economy wise I think I did pretty good compared to that Mercedes, e.g., driving from Chicago to Atlanta on less than 10 gallons of gas.
  5. Zapp.
  6. Ethnicity and church.
  7. Climate.
  8. An economic prescription for future growth and prosperity, which doesn’t involved more and more failing debt and stimulus.
  9. A lawyer looks at case-law involving birthplace and citizenship.
  10. Laffer curve and a poll (for myself I think the guy whose link I followed to get there was right).
  11. The descent of cute.
  12. Euro debt.
  13. On the Ryan thing, here and the related Krugman stupidity here.

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