Good morning.

  1. Will not make the evening news cycle.
  2. A libertarian considers the candidates.
  3. So does Ms Paglia.
  4. Ah, don’t worry most of his base still believes his dissembling. So if you wonder why politicians lie so much, it’s because it works.
  5. Civilization failing in Southern California. Question is, will it spread?
  6. Add a way to kick back troubles for sponsors if the sponsered get in trouble and I’m in.
  7. East meets sort-of-East.
  8. Works for geese and cyclists.
  9. Weight and the battleship.
  10. On Afghanistan.
  11. Not a salad, sorry.
  12. Who petitions for a C compiler?
  13. So, the bin Laden killing was an assassination, de facto if not de jure.
  14. Adverts for science, well, maybe not science but just weird datum.
  15. Zooom. Now mothballed by the way.
  16. Speaking of zooom.
  17. So, I guess one question is the delay ordinary or unusual? If it’s unusual, why, cui bono?

17 points … 17 by the way is the “standard random number” a concept which bugs my more mathematically minded daughter.

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