1. Holocaust and the UN.
  2. Prairie flames.
  3. Zooom.
  4. A film reviewed.
  5. When one politician calls another a blowhard and a liar one might wonder if that is by normal/our standards or theirs, for by any sane standard not a one of them is not a liar and a blowhard.
  6. St. Ambrose for Holy Week.
  7. The crucifixion imagined from the centurion’s point of view.
  8. A hymn in plain-text.
  9. Maunday Thursday. A homily. And a primer.
  10. Pirate and solution. Another.
  11. A show on TV.
  12. Of church, repentance, and finding God.
  13. A place to practice sprint and trackstands, just say “no” to the rolling stop.
  14. Go girl! Go!
  15. Yep.
  16. Setting the world aside.
  17. Russia is, I think, not alone.
  18. A motor to watch.

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