Good morning. Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!

  1. The 10 rules of mystery fiction … which apparently are not set in China, just don’t tell Master Li and #10 Ox.
  2. Darwinish awards.
  3. Society, progressivism and the brothel. What could go wrong?
  4. Of fasting and prayer.
  5. Mr Obama, Mr Morsi and the Coptic variant of the Arab Spring.
  6. The other side of the spectrum from the .22 LR.
  7. Dallas and communism’s fall.
  8. Considering Skyfall.
  9. Seriously?
  10. MOOCs here and here. Higher education gets you two things, credentials and skills.
  11. Drones.
  12. Abuse of the little man sometimes has consequences.
  13. game.
  14. The trailer piqued my (and my #2 daughter’s) interest. How about you?
  15. East/West and some theological considerations.
  16. A liberal attempts to understand the conservative point of view. Fails.

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