Good day. Well, I didn’t get an essay out last night. I over-estimated the time I’d have to write with so much family visiting to do. Anyhow … we played the game Munchkins a few times, much fun was had by all.

  1. Super-hero Barsbek.
  2. Discomfort and disorder.
  3. Comparisons again made between late antiquity and late modernity.
  4. No PTSD?
  5. The complete Democrat party plurality avoided … but only the GOP regrets it.
  6. Not defined by sex.
  7. How to make a really poor argument.
  8. Still gunning for Obamacare.
  9. Ya wanna bet they’ll just kick the can down the road again?
  10. So, does that shirt literally or figuratively amuse you?
  11. Chinese labor.
  12. I’d never heard of sugru, have you?
  13. A show, I think we’re going tomorrow.

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