Good morning.

  1. Woo Hoo. Mr Cheney back in the news, sort of. Well, actually … not.
  2. Grist for the drone discussion.
  3. Hmm, no hints at telling us how America will move to becoming an authoritarian state, but interesting nonetheless.
  4. Cronyism, fraud? Is that a start? And it’s all about who you know.
  5. Nuance.
  6. Interesting post on the first day of Spring when it’s  13 degrees out (and global temperatures have been flat for almost 20 years).
  7. For the Palin fans … the guy they fail to defend. Just remember, one heartbeat from the Oval office.
  8. Simplicity itself. Heh.
  9. Last week we had pictures of those bear sized grey wolves in Idaho … this we read from history.
  10. All electric not there yet.
  11. budget comparison.
  12. Failure to comprehend.
  13. Abortion and consequences.
  14. Uhm, Patrick was in the 5th century … the concept of “British” had no relation to the modern concept. You’d be better off calling him Roman.

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