1. Yikes.
  2. Keep on training.
  3. Poetry so bad it has to be read to believed. (refer also to prior feed the beast suggestions).
  4. Repugnance.
  5. Women and the Greatest Generation (of).
  6. Immigration and a 1k mile border fence … but not in the US.
  7. Geesh. Please, can we stop listening to/hearing from this moron.
  8. I was once in that place.
  9. Russian Roulette considered.
  10. Uhm. Wrong answer. Sex is determined by XX or XY pairings in chromosomes … you are not “neither” or “both” but one or the other, if you’re human.
  11. Hey! Notice. The first quote is by one speaker. The second by others. People of the same party can have different notions and expressing different ideas is not a 180 shift of a viewpoint.
  12. Love and the ordinary Puritan.

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